People often ask me about hypnobirthing and how it works. The truth is, hypnobirthing is logical simple, and very effective. It is a complete antenatal education, providing women with all the practical tools to help them birth their baby safely and gently. It is a process of simply letting go, reducing any fears, preconceived ideas or assumptions women may have about birth, and empowering mothers and  partners, which will have the most profound impact on their baby which will last a lifetime.

The 6 C’s of hypnobirthing are: Choice, Control, Confidence, Calm, Comfortable and Communication.

Hypnobirthing is about learning how to use self-hypnosis and relaxation therapies so that the body and mind can easily go into a deeply relaxed state when giving birth. It reduces any stresses and anxiety a mother may have and will instil a confidence in her. The work to release the fear is really important, it is not about training mothers to give birth, it merely helps them reduce their fears and reclaims their confidence in themselves. The view that labour and birth are painful and traumatic continue to circulate the media, often leaving expectant mothers feelings worried about giving birth.

For a mother, hypnobirthing enables her to work intuitively with her body which is naturally designed to birth her baby. When a mother is calm and relaxed, the muscles of the uterus which assist in the birth of her baby are able to work harmoniously together more efficiently and effectively.

Hypnobirthing is made up of lots of little things, put together to make a big difference, allowing women to feel more comfortable and calm and giving them choices. Utilising these skills and being in the correct position for giving birth will allow for a baby to be born more comfortably. Giving birth calmly, safely and gently is every woman’s and every baby’s birth right. This takes patience and practice.

It is important to know during labour there are always alternative options, however they might not always be presented to you.


Hypnobirthing can give you knowledge, and knowledge is power.

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